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HD Car Care - Exterior Duopad - 1 st.

Afbeelding Omschrijving Art. Nr. Carclean.nl
HD Car Care - Exterior Duopad - 1 st.
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Traditional car polish and wax applicators are easily saturated, making them less effective and wasteful. HD DUOPAD technology eliminates these issues.

In our quest to reduce pollution and waste, we looked at all aspects of our car care program. No stone was left unturned, including our accessories.

In keeping with our "Use Less. Do More." mentality, we needed product applicators that can functionally participate in our goal. The result of our thinking is the HD DUOPAD design, which isolates two working foam faces with a center barrier foam.

The new HD DUOPAD foam applicator design is not only more functional than a traditional foam applicator, it is also more efficient and effective. That's because a traditional 4" x 6" foam applicator has only a single purpose and will hold up to an ounce of product when saturated.

The HD Exterior DUOPAD offers both a polishing foam and a super soft waxing foam. The center barrier foam reduces product absorption by up to 66%. Plus, the applicator does a better job putting the product where it will do some good... On your car!

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