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HD Car Care - PROTECT - Vinyl, leather, rubber & plastic - 355ml

Afbeelding Omschrijving Art. Nr. Carclean.nl
HD Car Care - PROTECT - Vinyl, leather, rubber & plastic - 355ml
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HD PROTECT is a premium interior protectant and dressing for all leather, vinyl, plastic and interior trim surfaces. With HD PROTECT, there's no need to have a separate dressing for leather, vinyl, and plastic. HD Protect does it all!

HD PROTECT offers premium protection and a rich luster on all modern car interior surfaces (except fabric and carpet). Use it to protect and dress your leather seats, dashboard, console, door panels and door seals. With regular use, HD Protect prevents slow fade damage caused by exposure to the sun. Plus, HD PROTECT’s rubber and vinyl conditioners keep surfaces supple and prevent cracking and premature aging.

HD PROTECT is an earth- and car-friendly formula that uses cosmetic grade waxes, enriching oils and VOC-free polymers to create a barrier that protects and beautifies. Plus, you get long-lasting protection that has the look you like. For a low sheen, simply apply and buff dry. For a little gloss, apply and let dry. For more gloss, apply two coats and let dry.

With HD PROTECT you will feel, see and smell the difference from the very first use. All leather and vinyl surfaces feel softer and more luxurious, without feeling slippery or greasy. Plastics and other trim pieces take on more color and richness without attracting dust or dirt. When dry, HD PROTECT leaves behind the fine aroma of quality leather.


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Art. Nr. Fabrikant
Waardering: 4 sterren
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Naam Ervaring Waardering
!2 kleine sprayed-tjes op mijn dash en dueren op een even coat applicator van tw,super spulleke is het 4/5 4 / 5

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