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HD Car Care - UNO - Total Auto Polish - 266ml

Afbeelding Omschrijving Art. Nr. Carclean.nl
HD Car Care - UNO - Total Auto Polish - 266ml
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HD UNO is the amazing automotive polish that does it all!

HD UNO Total Auto Polish is a revolution in automotive finish care. No other polish can achieve the amazing results of HD UNO on paint, clear plastic, and glass.

HD UNO is a single liquid system that does it all. Almost like magic, HD UNO polishes all high gloss automotive surfaces to a perfect finish, every time.

On all clearcoat paint finishes, HD UNO removes fine scratches, swirl marks and oxidation with ease, restoring full gloss and a perfectly clear paint finish.

On clear plastic, such as headlight and tail light lenses, HD UNO removes fine scratches, oxidation and yellowing.

On exterior glass, HD UNO removes water spots and heavy film buildup, restoring full clarity.

HD UNO is so versatile that it can replace a shelf full of other automotive polishes and still achieve better results.

HD UNO is a water-based product that can be worked for long periods without drying (high open time). It is also highly concentrated, reducing overall cost, waste and pollution. Used properly, a single bottle of HD UNO is enough product to polish 4-6 cars with moderate defects.


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