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Surbuf - R Series 5.5 inch Buffing Pads - 2pack

Afbeelding Omschrijving Art. Nr. Carclean.nl
Surbuf - R Series 5.5 inch Buffing Pads - 2pack
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The independent, non-tufted vertical fibers work like the fingers on your hand. They flex or stiffen when necessary to reach the peaks and valleys found in wood, painted or other solid surfaces. This constant flexing and stiffening action produces uniform results over the entire surface, adding depth and brilliance of shine not found in other products.

The patented MicroFingers® independent fibers also trap and hold finishing agents close to the surface while spinning and oscillating at high rates of speed to produce a finish that is more uniform and consistent than a hand-rubbed finish.

  • Surbuf pads eliminate swirl marks.
  • MicroFingers® resist bending and matting to allow cooler, non-burning surface temperatures, which helps protect clear coat finishes.
  • Slim profile easily conforms to different surface contours for maximum coverage and efficiency.
  • Surbuf pads allow for a wide range of operating speeds up to 12,000 opm on ANY solid surface without snagging while reducing the risk of damage to pin striping, decals, and wood tear-out. It also minimizes friction, skipping, and chattering.
  • Hook-and-loop fastening system makes changing pads quick and easy.
  • Edge-to-edge loop fastening accepts various sizes of backing plates providing full hook-to-loop engagement for maximum holding strength and added peripheral edge stability.
  • Low-pad absorption helps make cleaning and polishing products last longer.
  • Surbuf pads can be cleaned easily by hand for on-the-go operations using a comb or soft brush.

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Art. Nr. Fabrikant
Waardering: 4 sterren
Niet op voorraad<span itemprop="availability" content="out_of_stock"/> Niet op voorraad  
Naam Ervaring Waardering
Wim Maes
Goede pads, finishen zelfs mooi met M105. Goede hechting van velcro ook na veelvuldig verbruik. laten zich goed reinigen dmv. warm water en afwasmiddel. Wel tussendoor even doorblazen met de compressor om haartjes terug omhoog te zetten. 4 / 5
Goede pads, weinig verlies van haartjes. Mooie finish zelfs al met Mezzo. 1 groot nadeel vind ik dat er een waas achterblijft die moeilijk uit te poetsen is. Heb met diverse toerentallen geprobeerd maar de waas blijft. 4 / 5

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